WSPRing Success

Who knew that WSPR could be so easy to set up and so much fun? I took delivery of a Desktop WSPR Transmitter from ZachTek last week, and had it set up and running within 30 minutes of unpacking. Configuration is straight forward via Harry’s own software (Windows only) and apparently the box doesn’t care about SWR since it’s only running 200 mW.

Pint-size Power: ZachTek’s WSPR Desktop Transmitter

Right now I’m using the transmitter via my EFLW antenna when it’s not connected to my IC-705 in the shack, and I’ve discovered that you can use the AH-705 to tune the antenna and then remove the batteries before disconnecting, thus preventing the latching relays inside the AMU from returning to their default positions. In this way the WSPR box thinks it’s talking to a resonant antenna, at least on one band. I’m not sure if it makes any difference, but it’s a lot of fun seeing where I’m being heard in the world via the website.

Antarctica on 200 mW, anyone?

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