“Cannot create unknown radio component”

Getting Motorola CPS to run on recent Windows in VM

I’ve had some difficulty in getting my Windows 10 virtual machine to run the CPS software from Motorola which I need in order to program a GM340 for an upcoming project, and thought I’d document the steps taken in case it helps somebody else. The general feeling appears to be that you need an older version of Windows like XP, and/or a physical machine, but with a few tweaks you can convince the CPS to run in a Windows 10 VM, in my case Parallel Desktop on MacOS. Here’s what I did:

  1. Install CPS software, in my case GP300_Application_EMEA_EN.exe which turned out to be version R03.11.16 dated 01.07.2012.
  2. Find the installed executable, right-click, and change compatibility mode to Windows XP SP 3. You can do this via the Troubleshoot Compatibility wizard or via the Properties menu.
  3. Download and install PL2303 Legacy Driver Updater. Run as Administrator and change the driver and roll back the PL2303 driver to version
  1. Reboot the system. It’s a lame thing to do, but makes all the difference here.
  2. Use Device Manager to check that whichever port your USB-to-Serial cable is plugged into is now using the legacy driver which you specified in step 3 above.
  3. Run the CPS software as administrator. The window frame and menu buttons should look like good old XP, and you should see Reading Radio instead of the previous error message.

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